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Interpretation: Mebendazole therapy during pregnancy is not associated with a significant increase in major congenital defects, but our results indicate that it should be avoided during the first trimester. This therapy could offer beneficial effects to pregnant women in developing countries, where intestinal helminthiases are endemic.

  • Mebendazole isn't usually recommended for the treatment of threadworms during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. However if you have another worm infection such as roundworm or hookworm, you should speak to a doctor to discuss the best way to treat this.

  • What You Should Know About Taking mebendazole oral when pregnant, nursing, or administering to children or adults over 60 What should I Know Regarding Pregnancy, Nursing and Administering EMVERM to...

  • Studies of a small number of pregnant women taking mebendazole in early pregnancy have shown no link with miscarriage. A study of around 2,500 pregnant women taking mebendazole did not shown any links with stillbirth, premature delivery (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), very low birth weight in the baby (less than 1,500g), or the baby dying soon after.

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Mebendazole Tablet

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Mebendazole Tablet

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