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Our Story
We are the moms of Circle 2 Plus Ministries 

No matter the location or size of your home, parenting is a tough job.  With the Lord's help and encouragement from others in the Body of Christ, we can build strong Christian homes that glorify our Father in heaven.  That's what family is.  We are in this together.  The moms of Circle 2 Plus Ministries (C2P) have been praying together since 2003.  We have prayed through births and deaths, supported each other through lean times and seasons of plenty.  The study of scripture with prayer has helped us see Elohim's hand upon our families' lives.

Chalk Borders demonstrates family boundary lines that will be ever changing.  Sometimes we overreact to a situation and draw very restrictive boundaries.  After we cool off, re-evaluate the situation, pray and seek the Lord, we realize that we need to adjust the lines a bit.  Other times we realize that our borders were too inclusive and after growing in our faith, we realize we need to constrict the boundary lines for our family to exclude certain items. The wonderful thing is the Lord's mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23) and he will wash away the old lines, and help us draw new ones.


The C2P moms trust the Lord's calling to begin Chalk Borders as a way to share what the Lord has taught us with other moms who could use encouragement in their lives.  Knowing there are no absolute right or wrong answers, we believe that if parents will seek understanding through God's Word and His desire through prayer...our families will grow in love and wisdom of the Lord. 

The subjects for Chalk Borders are responses to actual events.  Some of the devotions are conversations between work friends over actual topics from real family events.  My friend and her husband desperately wanted children for many years, but struggled to conceive.  We began praying in my office for God's blessings of a child, then rejoiced with His gift of a beautiful son.  We continue to discuss events and delimas surrounding her young family, seeking my advice from raising four sons.  As I relayed some of our discussions with my C2P prayer warriors, we believed God desired us to share our own experiences, and thus Chalk Borders was born.  Other blog devotions are shared events from C2P families.  The subjects vary, and the topics range with ages from toddler to college.  


Our hope is this site will be an encouragement to you, your friends, neighbors and family. We welcome your questions as an oppotunity to pray for answers to help other families grow in the Lord.  The single most important thing to help your family is ... regularly be on your knees.  Pray!  The Lord welcomes your honest request for help, loving your homily and reliance on Him.  You will be refreshed by leaving your concerns at the foot of His throne.   

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