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The little things… Psalm 17

“I call upon You, for You will answer me, O God; incline Your ear to me; hear my words.” Psalm 17:6

I have started a practice, not only to give our Lord praise for everything, but to ask my Abba, Father, for help with little things that pop-up in life. As hard as I try, I am constantly looking for something…my keys, sunglasses, some piece of paper from the school that needs to be signed, etc. Usually when something is lost I am also running late and do not have time to give a diligent search for the missing item. My solution is to stop and send up a quick prayer, “Father, You know all things, please help me remember where I left my ____.” He is so faithful to quickly answer me. Thank you Lord.

I don’t know why I am amazed each time He rescues me. As I teach this new habit to my children, I explained that God desires to be involved in all parts of our life. When we call on His Name, He will be faithful to answer.

Jehovah proved himself faithful to my 7th grader going through mid-term finals for the first time. My son had worked on a computer project diligently the week before. We had double checked spelling, grammar, everything was perfect. The morning the project was due he prepared to get to school early for a review before one of his finals, but could not find the project! In a panic he called me at work, “Do you know where the project is…I cant find it…I am going to be late for school and miss the review…there is one question that I don’t know the answer to, but I wont be able to ask it…did you see where I put it…” Being 20 minutes from home there was no way I could help. I reassured him, and told him I would pray. As soon as I hung up the phone, I began, “Lord, you know where the project is, please help my child (and Yours) remember where he placed it. Thank you, Father, for Your help.”

It was not until late that afternoon, did I know how the Almighty had touched my son’s life. He recounted the unknown chain of events after our phone call when I arrived home that afternoon. After we had talked on the phone, he had also prayed then surrendered to the fact that he could not find the missing project and decided to go to school. When he arrived at school he remembered that he had taken the project to school the day before, “just-in-case!” He also arrived at the review just in time for the teacher to respond to another student asking the same question my son needed to be answered! In a matter of 10 minutes, Elohim had accomplished everything that my son needed that day. Not only did he make 100% on the final, but he got and “A” on the project.

Praise the Name that is above all others. When events are beyond our control, we must go beyond ourselves to the One who has all control. Blessings, LH

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